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UI102 Section Box Set Of 12

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  • These containers are leak proof making them ideal for both wet and dry food storage.
  • These containers are both Stain and Odor resistant.
  • See through Lid: No more wasting time opening 10 different containers to find the right ingredient; with its crystal clear sheer body, these containers are sure to ease your task of opening all the canisters for one ingredient; The right canister is just a glance away.
  • Intelligent design to add harmony to your kitchen & protect your food from pests, as well as moisture and air oxidization .Jars are also compatible with dish washers which makes it easy to clean. The lids are also removable so that you can easily access the jars' interiors and refill or clean them. Shipment of the product color varies based on the availability of stock.

 Section container is made from 100% food-grade PP plastic which is BPA-free. This airtight container is designed to be odor-free, thus keeping the aroma and taste of your stored items intact. You can store a variety of foods ranging from cereals, spices, dry fruits, pulses to salt, sugar, snacks etc. in the jars. This 4 Section container have individual 4 sections in one container, so that you can store 4 different food items in one Products is one of the most familiar and leading brands in India to produce high quality kitchenware and household products. We are committed to provide excellence and superior professionalism to our customers. As per the everyday needs of customer we produce unique products with quality. These food containers are the perfect way for you to store anything from cereal, flour snacks, and beans to coffee, sugar, tea - or anything else you'd like. Also, this container is a space saver for your kitchen cabinet. It can be used to store various food items as per your wish. Each Container comes in 1 size that is 2500 ml. Which is safe to store food items, Baby foods, spices, coffee beans etc. These containers are Unbreakable,, Food safe, Airtight, Transparent, Easy opening, Rust free, Dishwasher safe, and Heavy-duty food grade body with superior break resistance. These containers are made from polyethylene, free from any kind of odor. 100 % Food Grade convertible containers Convertible Sections into 3 or 2 section. This is one of the most Unique & Useful product for your Home and Kitchen . You can convert this container into 3 section container or 2 section container according to your need . By just adjusting it's Section Lid . containers for kitchen Superior Oxygen Barrier & Odorless The lid design ensures that the flavor remains intact. The novel material used makes the container odorless.It has easy opening feature that is you can simply rotate the lid to open and close the containers.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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