UI075 Big Onion Chopper- Set of 12

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Onion and vegetable chopper, easier and quicker to cut onions and vegetables

This convenient kitchen equipment with a rotating handle. Simply place the vegetable of your choice inside the chopper and rotate the handle to urge fine, even chops.

Now chop all of your onions without getting all teary-eyed with this convenient onion chopper, the massive plastic grip on the tip of the handle allows you a cushty hold.

This chopper set has chrome steel blades, which are rust-resistant and stain-resistant. This ensures that this chopper set is straightforward to wash and thus hygienic.

This chopper are often easily dismantled and washed under running water to urge obviate any residue. Putting it back together is equally easy.

Onions Are An Integral Ingredient altogether Dishes. But the important Difficulty Lies In Chopping Them. that is the Reason you ought to Equip Your Kitchen With This Onion And Vegetable Cutter Chopper, Finely Chopped Onions Without Even Shedding A Tear. Easier thanks to Cut/Chop Onions, Green Chilies, Vegetables, Etc. it's made from Virgin Plastic Materials With Sharp chrome steel Blades Bushy Type Handle And Knob With Free Forward And Backward Movements that permits Easy Rotation Of Blades Easy To Use And Clean The Container At rock bottom , That Collects The Cut/Chopped Items. No More Tears While Cutting And Chopping Onions As Gep Introduces This Chopper That Reduces The Workload And Makes. Quick and multipurpose chopper for chopping onion and vegetables, Simply turn the handle forwards and backwards for chopping, Heavy duty cutting blade can chop whole onion easily.Chilly n Dry Fruit cutter Grater. Simply turn the handle forwards and backwards for chopping. And also provide one plastic dhakkan easy to cutting.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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