UI066 Wooden Block Scissors - Set of 12 Pcs

2,070 10,000 80% off

  • Knife Set ( included : Cook's Knife-1U, Paring Knife-1U, Utility Knife-1U, Vegetable Knife -1U, Wooden Block-1U and Scissors -1U)
  • Net Quantity: 7 Unit
  • Tempered steel blades for strength, sharpness and durability
  • High definition serrations for everyday food preparation
  • Comfortable handles for comfortable cutting

The right set of kitchen knives can make an enormous difference and save valuable cooking time. If you understand the necessity to use the simplest tools to realize precision cutting within the kitchen, you'll love the convenience of the Your Brand kitchen knife set.

It features five multi-purpose knives and a free peeler with a wooden block for storage. The high-quality serrations in these knives ensure extra sharpness for your chopping, dicing and slicing needs. Stylish and practical, the Your Brand set includes all the knives you'd need, including a parer , a boning knife and a chef's knife. Whether you're knowledgeable chef or a home maker, this pristine knife set can work wonders for your kitchen. The set includes a pack of 5 knives and a wooden block to deal with them. All five knives feature tempered steel blades that make them sharper, thus making them easy to use.

They come with contour-moulded handles, for better ergonomics and to stop any chances of accidents.

Designed to satisfy a spread of Purposes : A knife is one among the foremost important tools in your kitchen. If you would like to chop ingredients within the perfect shape and size, buy the Your Brand Kitchen Knife Set. This high-quality knife set will bring multifaceted utilities to your life. While the parer is right for peeling fruits and vegetables, the boning knife effectively picks out bones in meat. Chef‰۪s knives are often used for a good range of chopping needs.

Together with the contour moulded handles for a firm grip, this set may be a must-have within the contemporary kitchen. Perfect Knives for Your Kitchen : Knives with different blade shapes and sizes cut food items differently. just in case you have been trying to find a group of proper knives, get the Your Brand Kitchen Knife Set, 5-Pieces set. Each knife is scientifically designed and is given high definition serrations that creates cutting easy, smooth and hassle free.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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