UI047 Bird Fork - Set of 32Pcs

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Brightly coloured so you do not mix forks Makes a beautiful table top
Easy slot design for better storage
Colour: Multi-colour, Material: Plastic
Package Contents: 1-Piece Stand and 6-Pieces Fork

Fork Set to Eat Your Fruits: Birdie fruit fork set may be a brightly coloured stand shaped sort of a tree with branches, which has six slots for the forks to be placed in. These forks are highly useful in eating cut fruits and fruit salads. The forks are multi-coloured, so you don’t mix them up in your regular cutlery. Also, due to their bright colours, they appeal to kids and you won’t have any problem in getting them to eat their fruits. once you have guests reception , serve them cut fruits during a fancy bowl and these colourful fruit forks. they're going to not only enjoy eating the fruits with them, but also appreciate your taste in cutlery. Good Decorative Piece for Your Table: The birdie fruit set isn't only functional but also visually appealing. it's designed to seem sort of a tree with birds perched thereon . once you aren't using it, this set makes for a gorgeous table top. the colors are eye-catchy and render your table a cutesy charm. made up of 100% Food Grade Plastic: When it involves plastic items, one is usually worried about the standard and the way it's going to affect our health. With the birdie fruit fork you'll put these fears to rest. it's made from 100% food grade plastic which is recyclable. it's easy to wash and stack within the stand also . Considering all this, birdie fruit fork set may be a very useful purchase.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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