UI013 Rice Bowl with Handle Set of 50Pcs

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Rice washing bowl with side and bottom drainers.Easy to use and clean.
Ergonomic design and durable:- it's ergonomically designed handle which ensures effortless handling of bowl strainer. the bottom of the bowl strainer is meant to stay it stable on a flat surface.
Wash and Soak:- The bowl area is meant to soak rice, legumes and pulses after washing.
Color: Multicolour, Material: Plastic
Perfect size for storage in kitchen and for laundry fruits, Vegetables, pulses etc.

Prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowl. Perfect Size For Storage in Kitchen and for laundry fruits . vegetables , pulses etc Material: top quality Plastic; Size : 22x18x12 cm; Color: Multi(as per Availibility); Finish: Matte. The washer and strainer is light weight and hence easy to hold . It occupies less space and it's easy to wash . the entire process of rinsing and draining doesn't litter the kitchen and hence everything are often wiped out a scientific way. it's very comfortable and convenient to use, prevents the wastage of food because the well-designed holes helps to dam the food within the basket. Pasta, Noodles, Rice, Vegetables,Cereals, Pulses, Dal, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Green Vegetables are often strained effortlessly because the process is straightforward . The package offers one piece in random colors.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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